Reiki is the Japanese name for universal life energy.

Reiki affects the body, mind and soul so you will receive a holistic treatment on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Likewise, Reiki simply contributes to relaxation or personal well-being, and can be used to support medical therapies, and treatments.

Reiki has a regulating and harmonizing effect, strengthening the immune system and our basic trust in life. While you relax in a comfortable position, Reiki is intuitively transmitted by our experienced masseuse.

Leave everyday life behind, sink into a deep relaxation and recharge your batteries.

Soma Tantra Massage Hilden Tantra Massagen Book Büche


        1 hr Reiki ………………………..  70 €

        1,5 hrs Reiki ……………………  100 €


1 hr Reiki 70 €

1,5 hrs Reiki 100 €

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Soma Tantra Massage Hilden Tantra Massagen Book Büche