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Our Special offer in October

Tantra Massage for Women: 2h 190 Euro
Phone & Whatsapp: +49 1525 709 63 37

Nourish body mind and soul.
Come back to yourself.

At Soma Wellness & Tantra in Hilden we take a lot of time for you.

Whether a partial body massage, Reiki treatment or a sensual full-body Tantra massage – our experienced team welcomes you in a warm, open atmosphere. Enjoy loving touches with warm oil in a beautiful ambience with candlelight and soft music.
We offer massages for women, men and couples.

Our studio, conveniently located between Cologne and Düsseldorf, is also very easy to reach from the cities of Wuppertal and Solingen.

You are passing through? Call us. We are available.


Tantra Massage between Cologne and Düsseldorf

Kleinhülsen 16, 40721 Hilden
Free Parking
Open daily from 10am to 10pm
Also on sundays and during holidays
Massages only by appointment:
Phone: +49 1525 709 63 37
Email: massage@somatantramassage.de


An adventure of sensuality,
intimacy and energy

Our sensual tantric massage vitalises, invigorates and relaxes body, mind and soul. It is a special sensual experience for men and women, soothing and an invitation to deep relaxation of body and mind. A tantric massage does not exclude anything, it is an invitation to discover oneself, to open new spaces and to loosen up entrenched relationships.


A deeply relaxing experience of touch

Health, beauty, deep regeneration at Soma Wellness massages in Hilden. The touch of the body opens the door to the soul.

Mindful and loving touch enables us to regenerate physically, to calm down mentally. We find access to our inner heart space of stillness and presence to experience healing. Experiencing deep physical well-being leads to mental and spiritual harmonisation.

Every human being needs touch, this is one of our basic needs. In the early stages of life, touch is vital. It is known that embryos already react to the first touch stimuli in the eighth week of pregnancy, long before they can hear or see.

Many people have too little physical contact – yet they would like to be taken in the arm again. Experts even believe that a lack of touch can make people ill. Loving touch supports the expansion of our consciousness and allows us to experience closeness and the feeling of deep security.


In our beautiful studio you can indulge yourself with Reiki or intuitive partial and full body massages with warm oil and relaxing music. With each of our holistic massages, we offer to include the face, head, shoulders, neck, feet and back in a particularly intensive way, depending on your wishes.

The Soma Massage Team are loving and experienced masseurs with heart quality. We welcome women, men, people with disabilities and pregnant women!