Art of Tantra Touch Coaching

For the man

Two of our masseuses show you how to touch a woman lovingly and sensually.

This workshop will allow you to enjoy more intimate touch and show you how to treat your partner honestly, respectfully, mindfully and playfully. The natural quality of the heart, the love, is felt in depth. A masseuse is your massage partner, the other will assist you in the tantric encounter sensitively with advice and tips. You too can enjoy an extensive Tantra massage afterwards and let yourself go.

For the woman

A warm massage room, candlelight, soft music: one of our masseurs passively receives a massage from you and a second masseuse actively initiates this intimate encounter.

This sheltered space provides you with inspiration for your intimate encounters. promotes more courage and self-confidence to freer play and depth in the partnership and gives room to try something new. Then you are invited to be pampered with an extensive Tantra massage. An encounter in which all misunderstandings that exist in intimate situations are resolved.

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Art of Tantra Touch Coaching

2,5 hrs with 2 Masseuses … 590 €

“Receive the warmth radiating from loving hands
and absorb the touch into your body.”

Diana Richardson​

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