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Yoni intimate massage

In Tantra, the female intimate area has the beautiful name Yoni. The word comes from Sanskrit and means something like vulva, womb, but also sacred space.

The Yoni Intimate Massage is an interplay of a mindful full body massage followed by a massage of the outer and inner intimate area. In a protected space, in a warm and inviting atmosphere, free from any relationship entanglements and without the influence of the partner, the woman gets to know her body and its pleasure points better.

The sensitive tantric masseuse is in communication with the woman in order to accompany her step by step on her journey and to respect her boundaries. The touches initially concentrate on the outer intimate area of the receiving woman. Only when the woman is ready, the inner intimate area is also included and explored. The sensitivity and experience of the tantric masseuse offers a space of trust in which the woman can open up and let herself fall completely and allow the touches.

Yoni Massage & Orgasm

Many women experience orgasms only rarely or not at all. The intimate massage is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover your own sensuality and pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere. Together with the masseuse, lovingly find out where the most beautiful places are and what the most tingling touches are to invite orgasm. Sometimes it takes several tantric massages to gain trust and let yourself fall so deeply.

A tantric massage can be very healing for many women. During the yoni massage, feelings or memories stored in the tissues can emerge again. Quite a few women have had unpleasant sexual experiences, for whom a loving, attentive touch is a completely new experience.

The sensual relaxation is in the foreground here, simply being passive, not having to do anything, letting yourself fall. An orgasm is a nice side effect, but not a must. Many women report that after a tantric massage they find it easier to tell and show their partner what touches they want.

Yoni Massage & Pregnancy and Birth

A Yoni Massage can be particularly valuable for women before, during and after pregnancy and birth. The Yoni Massage integrated into a full body massage with warm oil is deeply relaxing for body, mind and soul and is a particularly intimate time for the expectant mother and the baby. The best prerequisite for a pleasant pregnancy and preparation for the birth.

Here are inspiring reports from women who were able to enjoy the birth of their baby with pleasure. A yoni massage can promote a relaxed and pleasurable birth: The Orgasmic Birth Movie – Giving Birth Naturally

"Feel the warmth that radiates from loving hands and take the touch into your body."

Diana Richardson

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