Sensual Tantra Massage with Hands and Feet

Delicate, well-groomed women’s feet touch you and make you dream… During our sensual Tantra massage with feet we touch you with our hands, feet as well as the whole body!

Through this sensual full-body massage with warm oil and lingam massage, you can not only reach the depths of yourself but also experience the excitability and sensitivity of your whole body. Feet have always exerted an erotic attraction on people. For many lovers, they also mean sensuality, passion and eroticism.

Do you love to be touched and massaged on your feet?

Enjoy our sensual foot bath and give your feet special attention during an extensive foot massage and also during the entire massage time.

We welcome you to our beautiful studio in Hilden! We are happy to discuss your wishes and preferences together before the massage.

Sensual Tantra Massage with Hands and Feet

1,5 hrs sensual foot massage …. 200 €
2 hrs sensual foot massage .…… 250 €
“Receive the warmth radiating from loving hands and absorb the touch into your body”

Diana Richardson​

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