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Treat yourself to some time out in our Tantra Massage Studio near Cologne.

Frauen und Männer Tantra Massage in Köln

Our experienced team welcomes you in a warm and open atmosphere. Here you can let your soul dangle and relax with candlelight, soft music and a beautiful ambience and leave the stress of everyday life behind you. In the loving touches you can come back to yourself. Relax and recharge your batteries while the masseuse or masseur pampers you with warm oil, uses body-to-body elements or performs a massage with hands and feet.

Tantra Massage Cologne: Our studio is easy to reach between Düsseldorf and Cologne.

We offer tantra and intimate massages for women, men and couples.

In a Tantra massage, men and women can unfold the power and beauty of their own sexuality and draw new energy from it. It is a soothing sensual experience of a special kind. Mind and soul can relax deeply and draw new strength, the body is revitalised.

The Tantra massage is a physical journey of discovery to oneself, it excludes nothing.

We cordially invite you to visit our studio for Tantra massage near Cologne. Men can explore the many facets of their sexuality in this free and loving atmosphere, free from demands and pressure to perform. As Tantra massage is non-intentional, it can help with potency problems. It is an invitation to let go and relax. From the sensually erotic in the body-to-body massage, to extravagantly seductive in the tantra massage with hands and feet, to dominant and exciting in the BDSM tantra massages.
In addition to the lingam massage, the prostate massage is also a stimulating and particularly pleasurable experience for most men.

In our Tantra Massage Studio near Cologne we also pamper women

In the Tantra Massage Cologne, the woman can awaken her inner goddess. Her individual sexuality is celebrated and appreciated. During the Yoni Massage we pay special attention to this centre of pleasure, for many women this is a new and deeply healing experience. We devote special attention to each area of the female body, because from head to toe women are both beautiful and arousing. With empathy we focus on the wishes of the woman. You can laugh, cry or even scream and moan.

Through the Tantra massage, the woman is supported in recognising her needs and freely developing her sexual experience.

It is an invitation to get to know one’s own body better. Deep relaxation and satisfaction can be experienced on a physical, energetic and emotional level.

Tantra Massage (near Cologne): An inspiring experience for couples or friends

Tantra massages can open up new spaces. It is not uncommon that in entrenched relationships both partners are not really satisfied and it is difficult to talk about it or to change something. Tantra offers a sensitive possibility for change.
We cordially invite you to visit us for a couple massage in our studio for Tantra massages near Cologne.
As a couple you can experience yourselves in a completely new way. The Tantra couple massage invites you to meet yourselves and each other in a sensual and new way and offers a ritual framework.

In a sacred, loving and encouraging atmosphere it is possible to let go of well-rehearsed routines and experience something new. The encounter takes place according to your wishes, within the previously agreed framework. An experience that enriches and inspires your connection. New horizons can open up.

During the Tantra Massage Cologne you can relax and recharge in loving hands and take a holiday from your everyday life. Healing, magical moments happen with soft music and candlelight. Gain new enriching experiences.

Call us or send an email to make an appointment. We will be happy to advise you on what we offer and how our Soma Tantra massages work.

We look forward to your visit!

"Feel the warmth that radiates from loving hands and take the touch into your body."

Diana Richardson

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